The Routes


This is a festival of exploration, entertainment, physical activity and fun!  You will be treated to a challenge that suits your personality and a festival atmosphere to help you along the way.

Set in three stunning adventure playgrounds, whichever Route you head down will make you want to return for more.

Expect to complete up to 10km in distance for just £15 per adult or £10 per junior (Route Breaker only).

The Routes


Route Breaker


Route Camp


Route Runner


Adult £15/Junior £10

This is like snooker… but without the balls, the cues, the table, the person in the white gloves or the jazzy waistcoats (unless you roll that way).

You have a set time frame to build the highest score possible by visiting control points scattered around the venue.  The snooker connection comes in the scoring.  There will be lots of low value control points located close to the event hub.  You must visit one of these first and then head to a higher scoring control point further afield.  After that, you return to a low scoring one and then to another higher scoring one and so on.

So, it’s like building a break in snooker – red ball, then colour, red ball then colour. BUT… you can only visit each control point once!

Throughout your adventure you will naturally be returning to the main event hub several times as you look to access other control points.  This gives you all the time you need to see your supporters, drink in the atmosphere and refuel as you go.

This Route is ideal for beginners, accumulators, hoarders, thrill seekers, alternatives, friends, enemies, families, for those who just love taking part and for those who love to win.



Adult £15

Welcome to the outdoor gym!  You will have a set time frame to visit control points scattered around the venue.  Each one you find will come with the requirement to complete an outdoor gym challenge.  The difficulty of the challenge will be linked to the difficulty of finding the control point.  Of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the points on offer.

This Route combines the fun of search and explore with the physical workout of a boot camp.  With boot camp instructors waiting for you in the hub to put you through your paces, you will regularly return to where your supporters will be, where the music is blasting out and the chance to refuel awaits.

This Route is ideal for gym lovers, gym haters, boot camp afficionados, cross fit champions, school sports day enthusiasts, Sportsstars dreamers, anyone who enjoys exercise and anyone who just wants to give something a try.


Adult £15/Junior £10

You have a set time period to give yourself the workout you want while looking to accumulate the highest score possible during that time.  Plan your Route carefully and use your endurance and navigation skills to emerge victorious.

The Route you take is up to you.  How long you take is up to you.  Where you finish in the standings will depend on the opposition.  Do you hedge your bets and go for short and sharp using smaller scoring control points or do you go long and steady and take in the higher scoring points?

This Route is ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes, adventure challengers, weekend warriors, trail lovers, nature lovers, aerobic workout enthusiasts, strategists and those who like living life on the edge.