“What’s it all about?”

“What’s it all about?”

31 May

British Orienteering in partnership with Perfect Motion and TrailPlus are delighted to announce entries are open for The Route. We caught up with Paul Magner from TrailPlus to explain more about the event…

So Paul, in a line or two can you sum up what The Route is all about?

“The Route is going to offer a unique outdoor challenge, with a twist, that will test body and mind whilst delivering an innate sense of discovery and fun on foot! And the beauty of The Route is that we have something for all levels of fitness and all ages.”

What exactly will this involve?

“Well the first twist is that we put on three different challenges and you can choose which option best suits your fitness level and outdoor ambitions. Think running, jogging or walking. Add in some simple navigation and a time limit to keep you nice and focused and then select from Route Camp, Route Breaker or Route Runner!”

So how will these three event options differ?

“Route Camp is perfect for gym members, weekend warriors and those seeking a full body workout. You’ll need to go in search of 12 marked locations on your Route Map- and after each one you will need to come back to base to perform a special task at our special outdoor gym. Some locations and task will be easier than others. But don’t delay- the clock will be ticking!

“Route Breaker might be regarded by some as  snooker on foot . You can do this on your own or as a pair. “20 locations , 10 of which are ‘reds’ worth one point, but the other 10 are different colours worth between 2 and 7 points. After each red you must then search out a colour and after each colour you must search out a red. But you can pay one visit to any given location. Which way, which direction? Build your break within the time limit and enjoy your forest adventure  in a completely new way.

“And then there is Route Runner- very much more in a traditional orienteering manner. You’ll have 20 points to reach, one at a time as quickly as possible.”

Will I need to be an expert navigator or map reader?

“The navigation and map-reading skills required will be very straightforward yet the format of the three events can allow everyone to be as competitive as they like or not. But for all, you’ll find that throughout The Route, you will keep returning to, through and past our vibrant event base with music, DJ and commentator to name check your efforts along the way.

“We have picked some beautiful, stunning and easy-to-get-to locations that will inspire and invigorate.”

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